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The current stable version of the code is v2
For archival purposes, v1 is available at this page. Users are strongly encouraged to migrate to v2, as v1 will not be developed and maintained any longer.  

Please report bugs to:

Release Notes
  • This is the first release of the code. While we have tried very hard to eliminate any possible bugs and make the installation be as simple as possible, it is highly likely that there will be some hiccups along the way. Please don't hesitate to contact us about anything related to the code if you have any problems, questions, comments or suggestions.
  • The current release is only available for download with set distributions of stellar libraries. If you need any other libraries, contact us and we should be able to make them available to you within a few days.
  • Normally the code outputs binary files which some IDL scripts convert to fits files. Since we are aware some may prefer and ASCII formatted file, we have implemented an ASCII output option but limited it to only the "Integral" file. If you require any other outputs to be in ASCII format, let us know and we will add that feature to the code.
  • Version 1.1 differs from 1.0 in a bug fix for Johnson and SDSS filters
  • Version 1.2 differs from 1.1 in a bug fix for the GUI


First things, first: please register to use the code. This is a crucial step that allows us to notify you if we find any serious bugs or have a major new code update. All you have to do is send an email to:

Next, you need to get the manual. This file describes how to run the code as well as how to install it.

A tarball of the source
code is available in 3 packages with different stellar libraries. All packages contain the SLUG code as well as its IDL helper routines. The current packages use the preferred Lej+Smi atmospheres and Maeder stellar winds.
The following files include the v1.2 source code as well as the tables used for interpolation.
  • padagb_020.tar.gz : contains the Padova+AGB solar metallicity tracks ( 275Mb, ~2Gb uncompressed)
  • padagb_all.tar.gz: contains the Padova+AGB tracks at all metallicities ( 1.5Gb, ~11Gb uncompressed)
  • all_020.tar.gz: contains the solar metallicity tracks for each of the Padova+AGB, PadovaSTD, Geneva Std, and Geneva High tracks ( 976Mb, ~9Gb uncompressed)
Old outdated versions (deprecated)
  • slug_v1.tar: this is just the source code for SLUG. If you already downloaded the libraries and just want to replace the source code with the update for version 1.1 simply download this tar and open it up in your $SLUG_DIR/source/slug folder then recompile the code.

Writing a code requires a significant amount of effort.  Please, cite both:
da Silva et al.,  2012, ApJ, 745, 145
Fumagalli et al., 2011, ASPC, 440, 155