Download the LEGUS pipeline

This page contains information about the software pipeline used to analyze the physical properties of star clusters in the LEGUS survey.

The software pipeline is hosted on bitbucket. It can be downloaded via git by doing

git clone

The libraries for use with the pipeline can be downloaded from the Data Products page, or from the list below:
The naming convention for these files is TRACKS_IMF_EXCURVE_*, where TRACKS is the set of stellar evolution tracks used (Padova Z = 0.02, Padova Z = 0.04, Padova Z = 0.08, or Geneva Z = 0.014 non-rotating), IMF is the initial mass function (kroupalim = Kroupa (2001), chabrier = Chabrier (2005)), and EXCURVE is the extinction curve shape (Milky Way or starburst). See Krumholz et al., 2015, ApJ, 812, 147 for details.